1. Pete’s Candy Store

    October 11th 2014

    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Rockwood Music Hall. September 6 2014. NYC

  3. Rockwood Music Hall. September 6 2014. NYC

  5. Tennis courts with Alphie

  7. August, 2014. Writing by the caves and the coast. 

  8. Northside Festival Showcase : June 13, 2014: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY

  9. Performing “What We Called Love” with Liza Flume last night in Whelan’s, Dublin. 

  10. www.breakingtunes.com/sorcharichardson



    TICKETS:: http://www.whelanslive.com/index.php/wav-tickets/sorcha-richardson-tickets-2/

  11. Brooklyn snow

    From my window

  12. Sunset from my rooftop

  13. Rockwood Music Hall, December 11th, 2013.

  14. There’s a real 80s feel to this one, and it wouldn’t be out of place on the Drive soundtrack, or in some seedy Miami coke den”

    Check out Indieshuffle’s review of Coast: http://www.indieshuffle.com/con-vos-coast/

    Photo by Gavin Thomas (http://gavinthomasphoto.com)


  15. Con Vos: “Coast”



    I’m a sucker for this kind of beat right now (see Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home and Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want”). 80s inspired funk is having a bit of a moment and I love it, case in point the brilliant “Coast” from Con Vos, with its delicious synth runs and silky vocals on that killer hook- and then the rap part kicks in.

    From the debut EP Cocoon Bloom out early 2014.

    Con Vos: Website…FacebookTwitterSoundcloud

    (via Pigeon + Planes)